Next Event: “Sexy Isn’t Sexist”

Thursday 7th April: “Sexy isn’t Sexist” Paula Wright

@ The Clarence , Whitehall

Eventbrite - Empirical Sex: "Sexy Isn't Sexist"

Paula Wright left Shotton Hall Comprehensive at 16 with zero qualifications and a recommendation from the carers advisor to do a YTS on the cheese counter at her local Prestos. She became an actor instead and some years later discovered she was actually an Aspie with a Mensa level IQ. Today Paula is an independent scholar in evolutionary theory. Her area of research is a consilience of the natural and social sciences and includes, but is not limited to, evolutionary anthropology, palaeoanthropology, psychology, biology, ecology, population genetics, economics, primatology and empirical gender studies. For brevity’s sake, she refers to this as “Darwinian Gender Studies”.

Paula has published in the Journal of Evolutionary Behavioural Sciences, writes, blogs, Tweets @SexyIsntSexist, speaks, performs and runs a popular academic discussion forum on Facebook. This evening Paula will be discussing the evolution of the human female breast and why evolutionary logic and feminist theory are such incompatible bed fellows. Trigger warning: includes boobs – audience participation may be requested.

Eventbrite - Empirical Sex: "Sexy Isn't Sexist"

Further reading:

Patriarchy, male competition and excess male mortality
Kruger, Daniel J.; Fisherm Maryanne L.; Wright, Paula
Evolutionary Behavioural Sciences, Vol 8 (1) Jan 2014.

Darwinian Gender Studies Blog:

Post-grad fund:

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