Upcoming Events

Tuesday 20th June

 Loving more: Research on consensual non-monogamy.

Dr Christine Campbell
@The Book Club, Shoreditch

In this talk Christine Campbell will introduce the audience to the concept of consensual non-monogamy. You can’t choose who you fall in love with, we’re told, but are there alternatives to traditional monogamous relationship structures? What might they look like and what might the challenges be? Using data from her research with people who identify as swingers, being in open relationships or being polyamorous to talk about the “swings” and roundabouts of these relationships.

Chris Campbell is a senior lecturer in Psychology at St Mary’s University in West London. She’s been an academic for sixteen years and has been researching non-traditional relationships for about the last five years. Her work focuses on romantic relationships, sex and sexuality and particularly those areas that we don’t hear a lot about like bisexuality and non-monogamy. She’s done research on swinging, and in her spare time she swings about on a flying trapeze.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

    1. Hi Paul, some of the lectures will be audio recorded but of course this depends on the speaker and also the format of the talk.
      We’ve started live tweeting each event (@EmpiricalSex) and creating a Storify of them- that’s probably the closest thing to a live video stream that we’re going to be doing for now! Thank you for your interest!



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