Next Event: Thursday 7th January

“New data on sex differences in IQ”- Dr Stuart Ritchie

Eventbrite - Empirical Sex: New Data on Sex Differences in IQ

“The question of sex differences in cognitive ability (or intelligence) is a very old one, but it is still hugely controversial. Are there any mental abilities where females outperform males, or vice versa? If so, which abilities? And, perhaps most importantly, why? In this talk, Stuart Ritchie will discuss the science of sex differences in cognitive abilities, covering the controversy, the evidence, and the counterarguments. He will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the research on cognitive sex differences, consider what sex differences—if they are real—might mean for society, and report on some entirely new data that inform this important, but extremely divisive, question.”

Dr. Stuart J. Ritchie is a Research Fellow at The University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology. His research studies of young children and of older adults use techniques from differential psychology, neuroimaging, and genetics to help understand the development of cognitive abilities across the lifespan. His introductory book, ‘Intelligence: All That Matters’ was published in June 2015.

Eventbrite - Empirical Sex: New Data on Sex Differences in IQ

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