Next Event 3rd March: “Reproductive Ageing and Fertility Myths”

“Reproductive Ageing and Fertility Myths”- Professor Susan Bewley @The Prince of Wales, Covent Garden Professor Susan Bewley qualified as a doctor in 1982. She has a degree in medical law and ethics, was the first woman trained in Maternal-Fetal Medicine in the UK and worked as an obstetrician with pregnant women for almost 30 years.… Continue reading Next Event 3rd March: “Reproductive Ageing and Fertility Myths”

Next Event: Thursday 7th January

“New data on sex differences in IQ”- Dr Stuart Ritchie “The question of sex differences in cognitive ability (or intelligence) is a very old one, but it is still hugely controversial. Are there any mental abilities where females outperform males, or vice versa? If so, which abilities? And, perhaps most importantly, why? In this talk, Stuart Ritchie will discuss the… Continue reading Next Event: Thursday 7th January